The title doesn't refer to that classic piece of qualitative research, but rather to where I overheard the second-funniest thing I've ever overheard running. (Nothing tops "Duuude - look at her legs," a statement of disgust which I prompted when I ran past a group of tweenage boys last summer.)

The setting was Middleton, WI - about four miles from my house. The weather - spring-esque, but still a little too much of a chill in the air to break out the short-short running shorts. Walking down the sidewalk a well-heeled middle-aged woman, who you could tell had pledged Delta Rho in 1987, and her daughter, who was at that perfect age where she knows enough to observe and say what she things, but not so old that she's learned what is and isn't appropriate to let past her mouth-filter.

As I ran by: "Mommy! That man doesn't want to be fat either!"

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towwas said...

Well, at least she knew you were a man.