It's possible that I've joined the crowd. Nay, mob. NAY! LIBERTY PARADE! 1-866-IDOLS-03 - you still have 35 minutes to make my new dream come true! Our victory shall be Malakarious!

Not that I have anything against Sanjaya, or even the other contestants. Or like I would know a on-key note if it walked up and belted Unchained Melody in my face. I just like being part of movements. The same reason I have this stupid tattoo on my chest - ugh.


Spice said...

Okay, any support for Sanjaya is embarrassing. My own embarrassing Idol moment? Realizing that the song Blake sang ("When the Stars Go Blue") was one I already really liked, and panicking when it was introduced as being by Tim McGraw! Turns out the version I'm familiar with - and the original - is by Ryan Adams. Whew! Alt-indie cred restored.

MisterVertigo said...

I know nothing about American Idol or this Sanjaya character, but that site rocks!