Nike Loon

I know a lot of you are smitten with The Land of Fewer Lakes than Wisconsin, and I thought you'd like to know that Nike shares your smititude. For reasons I don't understand. That Nike does, not that you do. I get you. Why does Nike have a shoe inspired by a state bird at all, much less Minnesota's? I know Nike likes money - maybe it's inspried by Minnesota's state quarter? Is this the first of a series of state bird shoes? To be followed Dunks inspired by state flowers and Air Force 1s based on state vegetables?


Spice said...

That's AWESOME! If I could pull off ginormous guy shoes, I'd get some. I love the Minnesota on the sole.

Trivia (that will not be new to my fellow 'sotans): Minneapolis mall Gaviidae Common is a play on "Common Loon" (gaviidae apparently being the Latin for 'loon').

grrrbear said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! That is the greatest shoe EVAR!!!!!!1!!1!ONE!

Mine are already en route, I'll totally post pictures when I get them.

Sophist said...

Minnesota is inherently cool. To have it on your shoe is therefore a sign of consummate coolness. I'm going to draw Minnesota on my shoe in ballpoint pen.