Hooray also for wins by default!

OleNelson can go ahead and just ship the OurDepartment traveling Crazylegs trophy directly to me, since I was the only one who ran. 15,000 people on a five-mile course (that goes right by OurBuilding) and none of them from OurDepartment? I accept the trophy with an asterisk - TimH is a sub-3:00 marathoner and definitely would have beaten me, had he ran. I put in my best time ever, by almost three minutes, though, so it would have been a fight.

With a combination of adrenaline and a mostly-downhill last quarter-mile, I hit the first mile marker in 5:55 - whoah, that's too fast, I can't hold on aaaaaa. Mile 2 climbed said road by OurBuilding, which is a moderately steep uphill S-curve, and I got to that mile marker at 13:00 - for just a hair over 7:00 for the second mile. I turned over 7:10-7:15 miles for the rest, threw up in my mouth a little at mile 4.75, sprinted down the field at Camp Randall, and immediately got in line for beer. Beer in hand, I positioned myself near the entrance chute to watch for M.Bro, who started a few waves back. She came in a few minutes sooner than I expected her, though, so she had to yell to get my attention so I would cheer for her. Then I promptly lost her for 20 minutes. Reunited near the sweat-bag pick-up, I got my training shoes out of the car, changed shirts, and ran the eight miles home.


OleNelson said...

[OK --- I'm going to try this for the third time. The comments hate me.]

Well, congratulations. A win is a win, and the trophy will be yours.

I must roll my eyes, though, at you RUNNING HOME after the race. That's crazy talk.

Burrito Eater said...

Holy crap dude! 34:53 is insane and you beat Vale. Awesome job!