Halo 2 is Plan B

I waited to write anything until it was officially official, but I'm going to be developing and teaching a 3-week class in Los Angeles this summer (details intentionally vague - e-mail me or buy me chicken wings if you want to know more).

Here's the thing - I need a creative activity for the first day - one that demonstrates the basic principles of international politics through a playground game. I've used rock-paper-scissors/tic-tac-toe in the past, but I'd like to take advantage of the sunshine and do something outside. More specifically, I'm looking for a game that revolves around the choice between selfish action for short-term benefits vs. collective action for greater gains in the long-run. Basically, I want to play an active, interesting, engaging free-rider game with two dozen students. Small difficulty - I'm going to be half-a-country away from home, so I won't really be able to bring any stuff with me.

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