Great Scott!

Straight from the 2015 of 1989, it's the Nike Air McFly from Back to the Future II! Now where the hell is my hoverboard, Nike?!


K.Bro said...

Did you really buy those shoes? I'm concerned for you if you did. Well, maybe not, as long as you bought them because they are from the movie and not because you actually plan on wearing them. Please tell me you don't plan on wearing them.

J.Bro said...

Alas, these shoes don't exist outside prototype form.

Anonymous said...

The stuff on Digg (which was re-posted on metafilter and other sites) was not fact checked at all. The shoes are not being released. That's why there's an official website of the McFLY 2015 project,

P.S.: The fakes are not sneakers! They're fakes made by some kid in his mom's basement.