What's the written expression of sniffing? Mfthfthfth?

I need to have one, because today is my favorite day of the year - a day for sniffing, indeed. You see, I have three favorite days each year - all subjectively determined by me and me alone. Here they are, counting down to today:

#3 - The first day I notice that it's staying light out later (March 3rd in 2007)
#2 - The day I start calling the air crisp. (last December sometime - it was a late one)
#1 - The day it first smells like Spring. You know what I mean. (TODAY)

Also, unrelatedly, Babel is heartbreaking, even if Melanie called it "uhhhh, pointless and stupid?"


Spice said...

I opened my window tonight. Yay!

I had the 'smells like spring' someday last week. Today felt more like summer to me!

Babel is touching, but went on a bit too long, in my opinion.

towwas said...

I'd had Babel from Netflix for two weeks when I decided to cut my losses and send it back.