On the Meez bandwagon

**Edit: Oh, hey - fooling around on Meez makes my dude here change. The internets are magic.** M.Bro and Melanie Meezi soon!

It's a J.Bro Meez! Aside from the eyebrows, it's like looking into a mirror. He looks exactly like me - I even have exactly the pair of shoes I gave him. God, do I look like that much of an arrogant prick in real life? I need a haircut too.

If my friends' Meezu are as accurate-looking as mine, Sophist is a teensy woman who forgot to put on pants (but remembered high heels) and TOWWAS regularly embarrasses her aquarium tour group.

It's interesting that Meez doesn't allow you to pick any body type except very tall and thin. If you pick "Female" at the beginning, do you have control over things like voluptousness, or are you forced into some Meez 34C ideal there too?


Sophist said...

I think the females are forced into 24 in waist, 32D bust, 38 hip. And are all 6 ft tall.

THE J BRO MEEZ ROCKS!!! very indie hipster.

Now wasn't it fun playing paper dolls??

towwas said...

Ha! Your Meez looks exceedingly pleased with himself. One might even say "smug." Or "supercilious." Or "tuberculosis." 'Cause it's just fun to say.

Mark said...

Where's your helmet? Where is the large gash? I like how you are riding rigid though, that's pimp!

towwas said...

Oh, this one looks kinda fun. I think it was the raising-the-eyebrows-over-the-book action that made the other one so smug. But how come this one isn't riding his mountain bike in an aquarium?

Sophist said...
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Sophist said...

Hey awesome, I didn't see any such animations for the womenfolk. I'm going to look harder .... that is wayyy too fun!