Not that I can fathom why we'd need one based on what I see outside my window

Why isn't there a heat-related equivalent for "brrrrrr"? "Bluuugh" is useful, but has other meanings too ("This fish is too fishy"), and "I am feeling hot" is too long and, frankly, a little too on-the-nose.


Mister Vertigo said...

I usually say something like "Ugh" or the like, however it can have many meanings too.

However, when I'm really hot my brain isn't very ambitious and will just come out and say something like "holy frack it's hot!"

It is interesting however that our language does not have a word for "holy frack it's hot".

OleNelson said...

Bring on the fishy fish, I say. It was a lovely negative 25 degree windchill in stupid Vermont today. Making it the coldest Town Meeting Day in history.

Yes, we have Town Meeting Day. Yes, the University was closed for it.

Burrito Eater said...

I also use Brrr in that weather as in "brrr this A/C is so damn cold!"

There is some sort of hot sound like when you touch a hot burner but I can't duplicate it in typing.

towwas said...

OleN, one of the people on my ski/dance trip scheduled her flight home so she'd be there for Town Meeting Day. I think she might live in the same town as you.