The kids like noise

The Annex is the best place to see live music in Madison, hands down. Don't even argue with me. The stage is only 18" higher than the floor, there's no barrier (other than the monitor speakers) between the crowd and the band, and the floor itself can't be more than 4-5 times deeper than the stage. Big bands never play there, but the up-and-coming bands hit it on their way through town and it's always a sweaty mess of dancing and yelling.

Cold War Kids were there last night, with Delta Spirit and Tokyo Police Club opening. TPC was a little too punk for my taste, but the crowd ate it up. Delta Spirit was like listening to unreleased Clap Your Hands Say Yeah tracks, and I bought their CD between sets. Cold War Kids were flat-out amazing - after the legendary Shins/Brunettes concert, I've never been to a better show. During Hang Me Up to Dry, all five members of Delta Spirit joined CWK on stage, taking sticks from the drummer, banging on the piano, yelling into microphones. It was musical anarchy - awesome, awesome musical anarchy. Here're some flickr sets from other shows on the tour - nothing from last night yet though, and I forgot our camera.

Even M.Bro loved it, which really says something given (1) M.Bro generally dislikes live shows, and (2) she'd only heard one of their songs (We Used to Vacation, from my Best of 2006 CD). Oh, shit, I never sent out my Best of 2006 CDs, did I? Goddammit. Sorry. I'll get right on that.

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Anonymous said...

I saw them in Denver last week and I totally agree one of my favorite live shows of all time! But I'm a little jealous that Madison got TPC and all we got was The Colour (not so good as their CD)