Don't their knives have compasses?

I'm full of stereotypes about the Swiss (some cheese with that watch then, eh?) but they're doing their best to defy my expectations by "accidentally" invading Liechtenstein yesterday! Liechtenstein doesn't even have a military - no room! I know what those soldiers were thinking - "This is our chance to singlehandedly take what Switzerland so richly deserves - basically a teaspoonful more land! FOR MOTHER SWITZERLAAAAAAAAND!"

Fortunately for any UN peacekeeping troops, no retaliation from Liechtenstein is expected. That doesn't mean, however, that the international community can't express its outrage via the comments feature on my blog. Comment away, UN General Assembly!

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Anonymous said...

I expect swift action from GW. We should have a couple carriers in the Mediterranean by Monday and the border should be heavily patrolled within a week. We will bomb the hell out of Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn in case the Swiss are hanging out there. Plus the Swiss doctors frame the American cyclists for doping. I am throwing out all my Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa.- ML