D I Y T(ee)

Sweatshirts that you cut out yourself - creative fashion geniusitude, or really godamned stupid?

That picture looks like the Shroud of Turin if Jesus had eaten happy meals instead of those church wafers, so maybe this artist's rendering will help. The one above is on clearance for $305 ($795 retail), but I imagine they could be made considerably cheaper (like, for a U.S. dollar of cotton t-shirt material).

I think the concept is more haute couture than functional, but if I had a sewing machine, it would be a worthwhile experiment. I would make one for you, if I had a sewing machine.


Spice said...

When I was in CA, Mike and I walked past the Adobe HQ in San Jose, and they had a dress that you could print out from .pdf files and construct yourself. Some highfalutin' fashionista designed it, but it really looked like paper-doll clothes made really big. On the upside, it is free - or however much it costs for the printing and paper.

Burrito Eater said...

You can make your own Bill Belicheck sweatshirt!


Mister Vertigo said...

If you spend $305 for fabric to MAKE your own sweater, I'm driving to Madison to kick your ass.

There's nothing wrong with making your own clothes, but dear lord! You can go to Wal-Mart and buy patterns and fabric, and you would be pusing it to spend $50.