Lo, what horror hath I wrought upon thee?

Check it out, my lunatics of the night-fringe, you who so uncaringly bathe the idiotic drool of your Emperor "Boooosh" - a goth that soars above my already-high expectations of goth-pretentiousness! If you can make it past 30 seconds without punching your monitor, stick around for the faux-french-fluency at the end, which is not-so-subtly being read from a card below the camera - hee.

I assume I'll be mugged, and I've made peace with that

M.Bro and I leave for New York City in about 48 hours. She's been there for work things a few times but never for pleasure and I've never been, period. Shameful, I realize. I'm excited to see big-city things like litter, 6-story buildings, and sitcoms.

Many people have told us to go to Ellis Island. But eff that. I don't like history. I like living in the moment - not looking backwards at stuff that doesn't matter anymore. If the past was important, it wouldn't be the past - we would have kept it. You can't argue with that logic.

What's the written expression of sniffing? Mfthfthfth?

I need to have one, because today is my favorite day of the year - a day for sniffing, indeed. You see, I have three favorite days each year - all subjectively determined by me and me alone. Here they are, counting down to today:

#3 - The first day I notice that it's staying light out later (March 3rd in 2007)
#2 - The day I start calling the air crisp. (last December sometime - it was a late one)
#1 - The day it first smells like Spring. You know what I mean. (TODAY)

Also, unrelatedly, Babel is heartbreaking, even if Melanie called it "uhhhh, pointless and stupid?"

A baby in the former Soviet Union? A baby in the former Soviet Union.

I didn't even know my friends' baby had a blog, much less a blog transmitting from his temporary home in Kyiv, Ukraine! Plus, his dad's a professional photographer, so you can get your fill of good lighting and crisp lines. Check it out over there under JFR@1 -> -> ->

Is "The Running Man" already taken? I bet it's not.

If I was going to write a short story about a guy who likes to run and the weather he likes to run the most in, I could write it about this morning and it wouldn't be categorized in the fiction section. 50 and early-morning fog is my ideal running weather, and what was supposed to be 8 miles this morning turned into 13 when I decided to run right past the turn to our house and keep going. Keep your fingers crossed for me that tomorrow morning is a repeat!

(it'sbeenawhilesincewehada)DENIM MEGAPOST!

Item #1 on this Megapost agenda extraordinaire: Context just got 21 of the 50 total-in-the-whole-world pairs of Kicking Mule AWA jeans. They're $600 so I'll never have a pair, but they're really something pretty special.
The 1950 AWA from Kicking Mule Workshop is a very rare jean-- only 50 pairs of this artisan jean were produced. The nuance of the slubby, rigid, 17oz purple selvage denim comes from the weaving and dyeing processes. The tradition of the AWA dye method consists of yarn dipped in "sukumo" and wrung out multiple times by a skilled artisan's hand. This process continues for several months, allowing the indigo to reach deep into the cotton yarn. The AWA is an exploration in the creative process of "making".

Oh, crap, that might be the wrong picture. Yeah, yep, crap, it is. These are the AWAs -

Item #2: I wouldn't ever wear these, but it's important that you know that Filippa K makes selvage jorts. Now you know.

Item #3: Remember when I ordered a pair of Japanese Levi's repros the night before the cease-&-desist order went into effect? And remember that the store I bought them from was ordered to cut the reg Levi's-esque pocket tabs off before shipping? Well, I'm not at liberty to say where it came from (but, if you work for Levi's legal department, it was certainly not from any store), but I obtained a tab, bought a sewing kit, and righted this wrong.

Don't look at my bald spot. I'm not sensitive about it or anything, just don't look at it. Besides, it's a solar panel for a ISAIDSTOPLOOKINGATMYBALDSPOT.

Item #4 - Are black jeans cool? These black jeans in particular - cool? I'm going to go smoke an unfiltered cigarette and sneer now.

WHERE IS MY....oh hi there

I was briefly pissed that a book I want from the library was already checked out...until I looked at my long, long item list and realized it is currently checked out by me. It turns out I have almost one hundred of the school's books in my house.

No nookie tonight, my elf needs a helmet!

I try to avoid one-link posts where I don't add anything because I owe you more than that, but this is horribly, horribly depressing. World of Warcraft is an addiction - and not in a funny, ha-ha-oh-I'm-just-addicted-to-these-caramel-macchiatos sort of way. In the, an-intervention-wouldn't-be-out-of-place sort of way. I don't understand all the game-related lingo, but the meaning of it is pretty clear - this dude (and the dozens of enablers that tell him his girlfriend needs to just chill out) spends so much time on a video game that his real-life personal relationships are being threatened.
I'm in my first serious relationship, teach full time at the high school level, and consider myself a high level raider in World of Warcraft (high level meaning 5 raid nights a week, and two off nights, each night being 4+ hours of raiding in addition to any necessary time spent doing other things to prepare for raids). I value my job, my relationship, and I take playing WoW very seriously and am struggling to find a balance between the three. My girlfriend is very level headed and we talk through a lot of things, but she just cannot come to any reason as to why she should have to compete with my attention with something like WoW. I feel like there has to be a balance that can be struck and that we just have not found it yet, but I have absolutely no one that I know that a) raids WoW at a high level, b) has a successful relationship, and c) has a full time job.

On the Meez bandwagon

**Edit: Oh, hey - fooling around on Meez makes my dude here change. The internets are magic.** M.Bro and Melanie Meezi soon!

It's a J.Bro Meez! Aside from the eyebrows, it's like looking into a mirror. He looks exactly like me - I even have exactly the pair of shoes I gave him. God, do I look like that much of an arrogant prick in real life? I need a haircut too.

If my friends' Meezu are as accurate-looking as mine, Sophist is a teensy woman who forgot to put on pants (but remembered high heels) and TOWWAS regularly embarrasses her aquarium tour group.

It's interesting that Meez doesn't allow you to pick any body type except very tall and thin. If you pick "Female" at the beginning, do you have control over things like voluptousness, or are you forced into some Meez 34C ideal there too?

Marc Jacobs Paris tee

How cool is this Marc Jacobs t-shirt? $35 of cool? The internet makes all my decisions.

Edit: I just found one on ebay and made the opening bid. You have a few days to tell me how much more than $20 its worth so I know how much more to bid.

Stop reading if you are the IRS

My blog is worth $4,516.32.
How much is your blog worth?

Oh no! We already filed our 2006 taxes and I didn't include the capital gains from my blog!

I'm out of line? You're outer of liner!

From my midterm evaluations:
"I don't like your kind of people. I don't like to see you come out to this clean country in oily hair, and dressed up in those rolled-up pants, and try to pass yourselves off as decent Americans. I despise your masquerade; the dishonest way you pose yourself, yourself and your fucking family."

I owe you

Please enjoy the following stupid pictures while I sort out this exam situation we got goin' on up in here. Or don't enjoy them - what do I care?

The kids like noise

The Annex is the best place to see live music in Madison, hands down. Don't even argue with me. The stage is only 18" higher than the floor, there's no barrier (other than the monitor speakers) between the crowd and the band, and the floor itself can't be more than 4-5 times deeper than the stage. Big bands never play there, but the up-and-coming bands hit it on their way through town and it's always a sweaty mess of dancing and yelling.

Cold War Kids were there last night, with Delta Spirit and Tokyo Police Club opening. TPC was a little too punk for my taste, but the crowd ate it up. Delta Spirit was like listening to unreleased Clap Your Hands Say Yeah tracks, and I bought their CD between sets. Cold War Kids were flat-out amazing - after the legendary Shins/Brunettes concert, I've never been to a better show. During Hang Me Up to Dry, all five members of Delta Spirit joined CWK on stage, taking sticks from the drummer, banging on the piano, yelling into microphones. It was musical anarchy - awesome, awesome musical anarchy. Here're some flickr sets from other shows on the tour - nothing from last night yet though, and I forgot our camera.

Even M.Bro loved it, which really says something given (1) M.Bro generally dislikes live shows, and (2) she'd only heard one of their songs (We Used to Vacation, from my Best of 2006 CD). Oh, shit, I never sent out my Best of 2006 CDs, did I? Goddammit. Sorry. I'll get right on that.

Not that I can fathom why we'd need one based on what I see outside my window

Why isn't there a heat-related equivalent for "brrrrrr"? "Bluuugh" is useful, but has other meanings too ("This fish is too fishy"), and "I am feeling hot" is too long and, frankly, a little too on-the-nose.

Would I be a terrible person if I titled this post, "Good thing I was eating for two!"?

It would, but I think that will be the title anyway. There are some news stories that make me angry and shocked, and then there are the ones that make me sad and shocked. This one is the latter.
April Barnum of Garden Grove gave birth to a full-term, 7-pound, 7-ounce boy by Caesarian section at University of California, Irvine, Medical Center, hospital officials said.

The 420-pound woman said her size kept her and others from realizing she was carrying the baby.

"Usually you can tell if you're pregnant, but with me, I couldn't tell," Barnum said Thursday, a day after the birth. "If he kicked, I didn't feel him kicking."

Don't their knives have compasses?

I'm full of stereotypes about the Swiss (some cheese with that watch then, eh?) but they're doing their best to defy my expectations by "accidentally" invading Liechtenstein yesterday! Liechtenstein doesn't even have a military - no room! I know what those soldiers were thinking - "This is our chance to singlehandedly take what Switzerland so richly deserves - basically a teaspoonful more land! FOR MOTHER SWITZERLAAAAAAAAND!"

Fortunately for any UN peacekeeping troops, no retaliation from Liechtenstein is expected. That doesn't mean, however, that the international community can't express its outrage via the comments feature on my blog. Comment away, UN General Assembly!

D I Y T(ee)

Sweatshirts that you cut out yourself - creative fashion geniusitude, or really godamned stupid?

That picture looks like the Shroud of Turin if Jesus had eaten happy meals instead of those church wafers, so maybe this artist's rendering will help. The one above is on clearance for $305 ($795 retail), but I imagine they could be made considerably cheaper (like, for a U.S. dollar of cotton t-shirt material).

I think the concept is more haute couture than functional, but if I had a sewing machine, it would be a worthwhile experiment. I would make one for you, if I had a sewing machine.