...which is so bittersweet for a Jewish girl

Melanie's hilarious. Both last night -

Watching American Idol: "Jason, not a single singer you like would make it to Hollywood."

Talking to her older sister on the phone: "Ashley! I already told you what emo is!"


OleNelson said...

I often ponder the fate of musicians I like on American Idol. I tend to prefer singers who can actually sing (read: no punk), so I think my faves would pass muster from Cowell. Although... Hold Steady dude? Probably not. Jack White? Doubtful. Even Beck might be a little weird for AI's tastes.

Ooh, here's a fascinating question. Would Bjork make it to Hollywood?

towwas said...

No way would Bjork make it to Hollywood. Way too interesting-sounding. Don't they generally prefer women who sing in the style of Whitney Houston?