Spring, unsprung

After a glorious four days of hoodies layered with vests and no stocking caps anywhere to be seen, tonight we're in a winter emergency. The snow & wind are bad, yeah, but the worst part is the disappointment. The crushing, crushing disappointment.

Plus I was looking forward to hanging out with folks at H.Go's birthday party, since I've kind of sequestered myself for a few weeks. The radio (and who am I to question the radio's authority) said to be where you wanted to be by 6:00 pm and not plan on leaving until tomorrow (and bring a shovel). The snow's coming down in sheets and I can feel the wind shaking our building & rattling our windows. It's not as painfully cold as it was a couple weeks ago, but it's certainly wrathful (and, one has to assume, vengeful).


K. Bro said...

Nice picture dork

J.Bro said...

How did you know it was me?

Wait until you see the pictures I just took of us scooping sidewalks. Madison is buried - I don't care how much they want their baby to have that emergency surgery, no one is going outside today.