Specialization is for insects

What skills and/or knowledge should every person have, regardless of gender or nationality?

My suggestions:
-the ability to spell and use proper grammar
-knowledge of appropriate diet and nutrition
-the ability to apologize meaningfully
-how to be a gracious winner
-how to be a gracious loser


I Blog, You Blog said...

...the ability to end a relationship (of any type...not just romantic) with compassion and the preservation of the other's self-worth.

(was that too deep? Should I have said "...how to tie a solid square knot?" Hmm....)

Sophist said...

Don't forget,

"How to kill a man with his/her bare hands."

Burrito Eater said...

I just watched the movie Crash, so clearly to speak the native tounge would be good.

Other votes:
How to not drive shitty
Basic hygiene
How to really be considerate of others.

K.Bro said...

I totally agree with the basic hygiene. stinky people are gross!