This story makes me all kinds of sad. "Forsooth, a damsel in distress! I shall log off World of Warcraft and come to her aid, posthaste! (maybe the pretty girl will talk to me)"
OCONOMOWOC - An Oconomowoc man heard a neighbor watching an adult film, but mistakenly thought a woman was being raped.

Bret Stieghorst was watching an adult movie with the volume up loud. His downstairs neighbor, James Van Iveren, heard a woman screaming in the movie, but thought a woman was actually being attacked. Instead of calling police, he took matters into his own hands, ran up the stairs and broke down the door, all while brandishing a three-foot long military-style sword.

"He comes in with this three-foot long sword and starts pointing it at me, and going, 'Where is she?'" Stieghorst said.

Van Iveren continued to point the sword at Stieghorst while he searched the apartment to make sure no woman was being held against her will. When Van Iveren did not find anyone else in the apartment, he left.

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Burrito Eater said...

I saw that in the WSJ today, that is hialrious!!! Every part of the story is awesome, especially the sword. I can't believe he's being charged!