Magic is in the air

And not just the magical magic of serious dissertation progress! No, also the magic of my third-favorite day of the year yesterday (the day I first notice the sun setting later - it's a completely subjective award) (bonus points to anyone that can remember the two also-subjective days that are even more favoriter)! And even alsoer, new Ted Leo mp3! The new album, Living with the Living, comes out one month from today, and I'm very excited. I was sort of meh about the new Shins, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Bloc Party CDs, so I'm counting Ted Leo and his merry band of Pharmacists can redeem 2007, musically speaking.
And when the crying starts
You won't have to see their bloodshot eyes turn red
And when the dying starts
You won't have to know a thing about who's dead
This is your nation
Pretend it's television
Where the good guys always win.

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