First wave of the Robot Wars?

Picture this, if you will - I'm treadmilling merrily last night, just one of three or four dozen happy little hamsters in my row at the Princeton Club. I'm at mile 4 of an 8-mile pyramid run - mile 1 in 9:00, mile 2 in 8:00, mile 3 in 7:00, mile 4 in 6:00, and then back down the ladder. Halfway through mile 3 THHHHWAK - I'm tangled in the front of the treadmill and the TV stand is wobbling from the impact. WTF, I ask in internet lingo (lol brb, ttyl!!!!1!). Oh, TTH ("That The Fuck" I assume) - the treadmill lost power, the belt stopped under my feet, and I jogged myself right into the safety bar! Fortunately, other than a 200bpm heartrate, I was fine. Neither of the people next to me even looked up from Law & Order, so even my ego got out unscathed.

So I have a question for you - would you kick a pony in the face to end world hunger? To feed one homeless person for a week?


towwas said...

I would kick a My Little Pony in the face to end world hunger for sure. A regular pony? Well, maybe if someone else was holding it (so it couldn't hurt me) and I was wearing nice soft slippers and kicking it really, really gently. I'm thinking more nudging than kicking.

Sophist said...

Holy crap I'm jealous that you can run so fast. And I'm also jealous that you can get your heart rate up to 200 bpm. It turns out that mine maxes out... at 167. Yes, that is like five standard deviations away from the norm. I have the lamest heart ever.

And yes, I would kick a pony to end world hunger. My responsibility is to my species.

K.Bro said...

I just wanted to let you know that Blazey is now my foster blazer. I promise I will take good care of him!