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Excuse my language, but holy moley I love my new Samurais. I need some brown leather boots to wear with them though.

And to wrap up the denim-related posting for a while, the other Levi's repros I ordered came today - Studio D'Artisan, model D1237. If you look closely, you can get an idea of how slubby these are, a word that refers to the uneveness of the cotton, which comes from slow, hand-weaving. They feel like sandpaper, which is nicer than it sounds. You can see the arcuate and tag design that got Studio D'Artisan in legal trouble with Levi's. The waddling pigs are an icon, so SDA will probably find a way to use them on whatever the redesigned patch design turns out to be.

These are the last two pairs of jeans I'm going to buy for a long, long time. Eons. They should easily last three years each, even with near-daily wear and annual washing. The SDAs, in fact, are going back in their shipping envelope and being stored in the bottom of my drawer until I need a fresh pair of Japanese Levi's repros. In 2009.

Edit: Changed the title to more general "Fashion McMegaBlog" because I want to make two predictions for spring. As the first installment of TrendWatch07, I think sleeveless hoodies and slim-fitting cargo pants will be big this year. You watch and see.


towwas said...

1. Slim-fitting cargo pants look like a very bad idea.
2. You *do* look exactly like Scott Foley. I was just watching Scrubs and all of a sudden was like, "whoa, what's J.Bro doing on this episode?"

Spice said...

Those, sir, are a fine looking pair of jeans. (The top ones.) I am starting to understand why you paid so much for them.