More of the best of last year

6: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Warrior"
I picked the least screechy song from an album packed with single-worthy tracks, but I have no problem with Karen O getting her punk on. I'm realizing that I have a thing for long crescendoes - "Warrior" starts so plaintive and quiet, builds to a demand slash threat, then drops off a cliff. I can't find a good video of it anywhere though.

5: Sonic Youth - "Incinerate"
I had a ridiculously hard time putting #5-#2 in any sort of meaningful order - it's all basically a tie. "Incinerate", unlike #6, has a fantastic video on YouTube. I could listen to this as a 3-hour instrumental and just stare at the ceiling grinning the whole time. Add Thurston Moore's fantastically lazy vocals and it's a winner. A fifth-place winner, but it's stiff competition. Does any other 50 year-old married couple rock 3% this much?

4: Tapes 'n Tapes - "10 Dollar Ascots"
Once again, picking one song from this album - The Loon - made my head hurt. "Insistor" would have been the more obvious choice (not to mention the only song of theirs on YouTube) - it's also a fantastic piece of music, and I'd be happy to give it the #4 spot too. But two #4s would be anarchy, and not in the straightforward International Relations no-central-governing-body way. No, in the pandemonium way. So you're just going to have to listen to Insistor and know that 10 Dollar Ascots is just a hair better. Bonus video - this is how I like to imagine Tapes 'n Tapes play all their concerts.

Hold the boat for an update!! I found a video (from Coachella, with terrible, horrible, no good audio quality) mislabeled 10 Gallon Ascots. The tempo change 1:45 in will change your life.

Updatier: Weird. Apparently, early versions of the album (like mine) have this track labeled 10 Dollar Ascots, while newer versions have it listed as 10 Gallon Ascots. Since the title only shows up in the first three words, it doesn't really matter. Still weird though.

That's all for today - top 3 coming in the next couple days!

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