Into the meat of the top ten now

Best Music of 06 continued. I just realized that I forgot to put YouTube links in the last post - fixing that now. Go back and check it out, homeslice.

9) The Strokes - Juicebox
This came out as a single in late 2005, but the album was released in mid-January - I'm declaring it eligible. Plus, it rocks. The Strokes haven't been cool for, like, 4 years now and First Impressions of Earth got a meh reaction from critics, but the opening bass line of Juicebox will pump you up for weeks. One time I got so pumped I ran an 11 minute 5K after hearing someone talk about drinking a Capri Sun, just because it made me think of this song. As David Cross says in the video, "too much beans in the ol' gas tank." Also, "Everybody likes to rock out."

8) Neko Case - John Saw that Number
After a pretty li'l 30-second acapella intro, you think this was a nice little little between-track bit. Then Neko Case (and whatever band gets to play with her this time) crash back in with the real opening bars of the song, and you're like, whoah, I miss the New Pornographers. No video for this song, but here's one of Neko Case talking about boys wearing too-tight pants.

7) Islands - Human
Weird song from a weird album from a weird couple that used to be in a weird band called Unicorns. All weird in a good way, though. Live show - opening for Metric at this fall's tour.

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towwas said...

So are you offering sampler CDs again? I'll trade ya. (My top 10 of 2006 is, again, totally weird and includes very few songs actually released in the calendar year. I roll with different rules.)