The countdown begins

I started thinking about my Best Songs of 2006 list before I even wrote my Best Songs of 2005 list last December, so I'm excited to finally get it underway. Like last year, I'll give you two or three a day from now through Saturday or Sunday or whenever. With a few exceptions, this year's list is far more rockin' than last year's, if I do say so myself. Definitely the sharp end of the list anyway - the bottom end is a li'l closer to Spice's territory.

Since Time says we're all the Person of 2006, this year's list will be accompanied by some sort of YouTube links whenever I can find them.

A caveat before we kick down this door - I got a few CDs for x-mas that I haven't listened to enough to consider them thoroughly judged. Therefore, I hereby declare that The Decemberists - The Crane Wife, Acrtic Monkeys - Whatever People Say..., Hot Chip - The Warning, and The Black Keys - Magic Potion are 2006 releases that are eligible for the Best Songs of 2007 list. The same was true for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in 2005-2006, but since I didn't put it in writing, I have to declare it ineligible for this list. For posterity, The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth would be #2. I frakkin love that song.

Let's do this thing.

15*: The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations
I love this whole CD, and picked Stuck Between Stations as a representative track, not because it stands head and shoulders above the rest. You wouldn't be wrong to call this one "rollicking" and "a drunken good time" - in fact, I think I'm contractually obligated to call Hold Steady a sweaty, singalong bar band reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen's early days.

14: Guster - One Man Wrecking Machine
Guster is one of M.Bro's favorites and I have her to thank for introducing this song to me. Poor, wretched Guster lead singer - it turns out high school was going to be the best time of his life, but he was too young and stupid to appreciate it then.

13: Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken
Sometimes music has conversations with itself. In 1986, Lloyd Cole & The Commotions asked if you were ready to be heartbroken. Camera Obscura, a Scottish band, said "sure, I guess," but with a voice that will melt your soul (not in a heavy-metal-riff way - in a mournful-singing way).

*Because I'll have however many I want to on my list.

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