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I've linked you to Context before, but their online store went up about a half-hour ago AND they're having a massive post-holiday denim sale. You want to spend $100 on jeans, I know you do. The Nudie Regular Ralf Dry Greycast (which uses a different dye on the weft - the inside - of the denim than most jeans) is a screaming deal at $130, plus it's a really easy cut to wear - not too tight in the thighs and a very slight bootcut.

One pair of jeans you cannot buy from Context - cannot buy from an US-based store in fact - are my new Sugarcanes. M.Bro gave them to me for our family gift exchange last night, and she had to pay in Yen and have them shipped from Japan to get them. It's possible that I had a hand in this process. They're my first pair of Japanese repros - if you remember from a previous post, lots of Japanese companies bought looms from Levi's, Lee, and Wrangler when those companies moved to large-scale wide-loom (thus, non-selvage) production in the 1960s. Sugarcane makes historically-accurage reproductions of all of them, usually on the same looms the company used on the originals.

These are the SC1945, which is repro of Lee's 1945 "Cowboy Pants". They're cut differently than most of my jeans - less fitted in the seat, hips, and thighs, which is a much more traditional workwear-oriented cut. The construction details are fascinating - greenline selvage (Lee's traditional color - Levi's was red and Wrangler was blue), left-hand twill (the ridges run the opposite direction than whatever jeans you're wearing right now), wide pocket stance (so my wallet rides off to the side of my horse's saddle).

Just beautiful pantaloons.


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