I can name this whatever stupid thing I want because it isn't the first of the month

From Sam at Context:
OK. So some of you may remember from a while back I posted that we at CONTEXT were going to conduct a denim experiment where we gave a pair of jeans to our friend, Don. Don is the head brewer and plant manager at the local brewery [Ed. Stalkerish note: I assume this is the Great Dane, which is right down the block from Context] and is a metalworker, handyman and builder. We picked him because he is harder on his clothes than anyone we know and he cares nothing about fashion or his personal appearance. So we gave him these jeans and told him to wear them to work every day for one year without washing them. Every Wednesday I take photos of them at the brewery. At the end of the year we will wash them and hang them on the wall at CONTEXT with 52 pictures (one from each week of the experiment) in chronological order and a brief synopsis of the experiment. We had also planned to make a website called donsjeans.com that would have weekly updates, but never found the time. Anyway, Don scoffed at us, insisted they wouldn't last a month, but eventually agreed.

We gave him the Atelier LaDurance Royal Pant on JULY 1.

That is 5.5 months ago.

He has done as we asked and, needless to say, he is ahead of schedule.

These things are FILTHY.

He has developed a hole on the right front thigh from carrying screws in his pocket, so we are going to patch that with the denim from the repair kit that came with the jeans. He will then resume wearing them for the rest of the year.
For reference sake, he bought a pair of Caterpillar boots at Farm & Fleet the same week as he started with the jeans and had to replace them 2 weeks ago.


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