Cheap Mondays on Friday

I sold a pair of black 7 For All Mankind jeans (for more than I paid for them, how bout that) and bought a pair of raw black Cheap Mondays from Context. They're not washed or overdyed, so they look almost blue in these photos. I took a picture by Missy's office curtaindoor to prove they aren't. Click em to enbiggen em.

But most importantly:
Buyers Beware: Swede Jeans Promote Satanism Among Youth

Sweden, already one of the most liberal and antichrist countries in the world, has taken another huge step away from God, the creator and toward death and darkness.

Cheap Monday Jeans, which feature a satanic logo, with a cross turned upside down emblazoned on the forehead of a skull have already sold nearly a quarter of a million jeans as European youth are gobbling them up at about $50 a pop.

Here's someone who is not me but is wearing the same size in the same jeans so could pretty much be me except I don't have GNAR written on my head

Cheap Monday also makes lots of jeans that are too tight and or too ugly for me to wear unlike the jeans I bought which are almost too awesome for me to wear.

Bonus: Picture of me in them and them on me, from What Are You Wearing Today on Superfuture.


towwas said...

Damn, man!

Also, is that last pair of jeans a real piece of clothing? Because, if so, it's almost as hideous as the bike shorts Bikeboy wants.

J.Bro said...

Yes, hideous indeed. And very real. As are the Eiffel Towers, which are one of Cheap Monday's women's models. Check out that rise - could any woman look good in that. The answer is no way Jose.

Mister Vertigo said...

Heh, that logo is really cool. Those Sweedes sure know how to create death and darkness! Now, where did I leave my soul?

towwas said...

Omg. Those eiffel tower jeans are a crime against asses.

Sophist said...

egads. How can a place that creates such fine, satanically hip jeans, simultaneously produce such heinousness as the world has never before witnessed? I'm glad you opted for the former product of the company.