Shy bladders not welcome here

There are few characteristics shared by successful investment bankers and grad students in my department. Thanks to this article about the Seven Secret Skills of Highly Effective Bankers, though, our worlds are brought slightly closer together by necessity of public urination. The 2nd floor bathroom was built in 1800, when a shoulder-bumping 3" between urinals was standard architectural fare. Aspiring young bankers need the same skill sets -
5. Cannot be pee shy. Business takes place everywhere. You must be able to keep the conversation going from the dinner table to the urinal and to dinner again.

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Spice said...

Yes, while women face a number of barriers in political science (such as there not being very many of us, or, in some departments, us not having bathrooms at all), at least we don't have to face the horrors of the 2nd floor bathroom (too...intimate, as you describe) or the basement men's bathroom (cockroaches and a nasty smell). Our only NH bathroom issues are that the stalls are too short on the 3rd floor, leading to awkward moments when two tall people are in there at the same time ("Oh! Hi, [my advisor]! [Uncomfortable pause before we sit or exit]")