Celebrating midterm elections the old-fashioned way

With election-day pranks, that is - a tradition that dates back to the 14th Congress circa 1645. Feel free to use mine or make up your own, but either way - ANARCHY AT THE POLLS, DUDES!
Somehow make a piece of clothing very stainy like with all kinds
of dirt and grime and gross stuff and then leave that out side
the polling place. When an old person picks it up they will wonder
how it got so bad and this will make them forget about voting
and then you can dump a garbage in the sun roof of their car.

Find a lady at the polls with frostbite on her arms and then give
her some big boxes to hold. Chances are she will drop them and
then in the confusion you can start pelting people with
rocks or marbles

Get an oil baron costume and then go to the polls. Then when your
in the polls start getting sick and vomiting and saying real loud
"JEEOSEPHAT!!!" and when a polling place person comes up you can
address the other voters and say "We All Could Have Stayed Home If
We Had Anarchy...." and they will change their votes to anarchy
and start flipping over tables and making gangs.

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Mister Vertigo said...

You, my friend, are a very disturbed individual.