Because I care

I heard the Republican's "It's OK, because they're really just conservative Democrats anyway" spin for the first time today - and, as always, was impressed at the speed it was picked up.

This, from DailyKos, makes me think that perception's not such a bad thing -
So go ahead, Blowhard Boys and Girls, keep saying it: "Conservative Democrats won on Tuesday, which proves that America is really conservative."

And please, don't catch on that every time you insist that "conservative Democrats" won, every time you couple the words, "conservative" and "Democrat," not only does an angel get its wings, some voter in Mississippi is getting the message that there is a natural home for conservatives in the Democratic Party. Make it crystal clear, repeatedly, from now until 2008, that citizens in the Mountain West and the Midwest who cast their votes next to a "D" for perhaps the first time in their lives were NOT betraying "traditional values," but were, in fact, reinforcing them.

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Spice said...

Well, what they were actually saying is that the Republicans suck. I think it's pretty clear that a lot of votes for Dems were votes against Reps. Take, for example, Sherrod Brown in Ohio. He's very liberal, and DeWine is actually quite moderate. But the hatred for Republicans was so strong there that people voted for someone who's probably further away from their policy preferences.

Besides, who cares if there are moderate/conservative Democrats? Unlike the Republicans as of late, the Dems have been a lot more welcoming of diverse points of view. And that's how you win elections - by pulling together different groups of voters into a coalition.