This ween is so hollow

Melanie's going as a Mrs Potato-head pumpkin kit that my parents sent her (for a pumpkin, but that's just how The Geometrator rolls)


I Blog, You Blog said...

Round and Dirty
(from Weird Al's up and coming album "Spud Songs")

They see me sportin' glasses
I know they're all thinkin'
That I'm just too round and dirty
Think I'm just too round and dirty
Great lips but I'm round and dirty
I'm a Mrs. but I'm round and dirty
Aww drats, I'm round and dirty

I wanna roll with... Yukon Gold
But so far they all think I'm too round and dirty
I could mash but I'm round and dirty
How'd I get so round and dirty?


Which has nothing to do with the Geometrator or her very clever Halloween costume and much more with the fact that I can't. stop. singing. Weird. Al. ARGH!

I like her Mrs. Potatohead lips though. Those are awesome! :)

K.Bro said...

I knew you guys would have fun with those. I'm waiting for pictures of you and Missy with your kits!