Runnin' and Mappin'

GMaps Pedometer is an fantastic way to track mileage (down to the millionth of a mile), but everyone knows about it already. It's old hat. Out with the chickens. Tired. I just found a fun new toy that uses its software - USATF's searchable list of user-submitted running routes. Some are a little on-the-nose (I can run from campus to picnic point?!?) and I wish you could narrow the search more (since there are 264 results for Madison), but it's cool to see routes that start from strangers' suburban front doors right next to loops of downtown. I entered my regular 10K route (with a starting spot that's not my actual front door) - track it down, vote me up, and help me get a gold rating!

Not a runner? Maybe you're a Soviet-era scale-model collector with an extra $3 million in your checking account.

Or, in bigger news, WTF just happend on Project Runway? WTF Jeffrey?!?


K.Bro said...

You watch Project Runway? Really, is your marriage just a cover up? Is that why you're not having kids? Ok, just kidding, but it is kinda fun to have something in common with you. I haven't got to watch it yet. I was busy taping America's Next Top Model and One Tree Hill. I need Tivo. There are way too many good shows on at the same time. I can't watch them all!

towwas said...

Oh my god, that model is so cool. And by model I mean the thing in the picture, not anyone who may appear on any of the abovementioned reality shows.