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Local biker, filmmaker gets scrappy - read the whole thing, but here's a taste -
The movie took the burly biker to women's retreats, a scrapbook factory and eventually back to his family to collect memories in a quirky search for "life, love and eternity." We took a man-to-man peek with Thomsen into the lives millions of women lead between the binders.

Q When I hear the word "scrapbooking" I envision lots of puffy hairdos, sweatshirts with teddy bears on them, and perhaps some shared fruit crumbles. How wrong am I?

A You are 100 percent accurate. I would add frilly things, doilies and lots of hair spray.

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Spice said...

Is M.Bro purchasing the film and having a showing at the store?

On another topic, yesterday I was talking to two second-years about Dockers as the average 'man pant' - not to be worn by the truly downscale or the metrosexual. And the guy in the conversation was like 'what kind of pants do metrosexuals wear?' And I was like 'you could ask J.Bro.' And they were STUNNED that you were the kind of guy who imports denim from foreign countries and thinks about attending events held by men's boutiques and is willing to order tailored shirts. So you can reassure Mel that even if you're a clothes-whore, you're not coming across that way. But then again, maybe your clothes aren't being truly appreciated then, are they...