About a week ago I posted about a complainey scrapbooking customer - it's update time, kids! The customer was upset that M.Bro's store had recently stopped accepting competitors' 40%-off-any-item coupons (which some customers were bringing in daily), and starting a once-a-month 40%-off coupon of their own. After the tantrum in the store on 9/6, the customer sent an e-mail containing the hilarious lines, "It is my policy to buy nothing at regular price. Unfortunately for you, your recent "business decisions" ("mistakes") leave you with little to no business or profit from me. If you wish to stay in the Madison craft and scrapbooking market you should consider competing for my business. That's right, YOU NEED TO COMPETE FOR MY BUSINESS..."

M.Bro replied with a very reasonable e-mail explaining the new policy, including, "While we do understand that you would like to use a 40%-off coupon for everything you purchase, it just isn't realistic. No retailer would stay in business if they allowed that."

I was a little disappointed because I thought that was the end of it.

And then there was a new e-mail this morning! It wasn't quite "give me free stuff if you want my business", but it was close! It's a rambling manifesto, but here's a little taste -
Are you just scanning my e-mail instead of thoroughly reading it and discussing it with your staff who knew my situation and would have set you straight? You have totally mis-understood me if you think I mis-understand you and your very selfish new store "policy." The problem is that I understand all too well, obviously even better than you do, that you are only looking out for your own bottom line and you obviously do not care at all about your customers finances like the other stores.

Your "sales" are always at a time when you don't have money for crafts so your "sales" are almost jokes. Also 35% off or less does not really constitute a "sale". Sorry, Missy, I've heard you out, but it is not cutting it for the budget minded scrapbooker. You'll have to do better than that!


Spice said...


I'm sure all the other scrapbooking stores in town are keeping extensive records of when their customers are paid and allowing them to buy on a sliding scale so that no one has to pay more than they are able. Because that's the way capitalism works.

Sophist said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You selfish store owners looking out for your bottom line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

towwas said...

Oh, my GOD. How dare she hold sales when the customers don't have money for crafts? And how dare she CHARGE MONEY FOR PRODUCTS? Doesn't she know stuff from stores is supposed to be FREE????