Sam's kid

Sam co-owns Context, a new menswear store in Madison. Sam's kid is the coolest 3 year-old in the state. Maybe the midwest.

Context recently (as in, count the days on one hand) became the sole US distributor for an Australian brand called Imperial. These Imperial Dukes were worn for about 12 months before their first wash -

Should I go to the denim-nerd gathering they're hosting at Magnus Friday night? I just started noticing some wallet- and honeycomb-fading on my Nudies, but I don't know if they're broken-in enough that I'd get past the door.


OleNelson said...

Of course you should go to the denim-nerd gathering.

towwas said...

OleNelson took the words - the exact words, in fact - right out of my mouth.

Spice said...

Yes, I agree. They're your peeps! You can meet other area denim-nerds!