Rockin' the suburbs

Not that we're downtown hipster zip-code-snobs in the first place. But we spent the weekend house-sitting, as well as dog-sitting and eating-out-of-the-refridgeratoring, at a big house in Fitchburg. Watched some digital cable, played some foosball, drank some miller lite, listed to dave matthews band, drove some minivans, feared some minorities, other suburban stuff.

My HBO review -

Entourage - better than I expected, for a show about agents and actors
Big Love - not as good as I expected, for a show about polygamy
Deadwood - I didn't watch it. This might be on showtime

Bravo showed a repeat of the Studio 60 pilot last night - deserves the hype. Sorkin's drama comes from the characters, not from situations he puts them in. Late night sketch comedy is just as dramatic as the Bartlett administration facing down a nuclear Uzmenkhistan.

And to keep this blog on topic, what's the deal with those polos that button all the way down? Stop it.


towwas said...

Entourage: outstanding, dude. Get it from Netflix.

Burrito Eater said...

Entourage is my favorite! We have Season 1 on DVD and are waiting for Season 2 to get cheaper! Also watch the Weeds on Shotime if you get time. Don't waste your time with the other crap!

OleNelson said...

I am cautiously optimistic about Studio 60. I mean it's SO VERY Sorkin. Which means witty dialogue abounds! Fully-formed characters abound! Many good things.

It also, though, means that "I take EVERYTHING really serious"-ness abounds. And that is slightly less promising.

And I haven't even heard about low-buttoning polos. The hell?

Spice said...

I just watched Entourage for the first time (as part of the day of sloth I'm taking today), and I had the same reaction - surprisingly good. Like a soap opera that guys can watch.

My reaction after last night's Studio 60 was "I'm not sure how long they can maintain this premise." It'll have to get more Sports-Nighty (i.e. get more into the characters' personal lives) as I don't think the context provides as many compelling storylines as politics does.