On the catwalk, yeah

You've probably been reading it for the last couple days anyway, but on the tiny chance that you haven't been, the Sartorialist is blogging the NYC fashion shows for GQ's website.

This dude stole my look. Or, since he's in fashion and I'm, y'know, not, officially, maybe I stole his.

And since OleNelson doesn't think I remember how to blog about anything but clothes, this is for him. Big Check-a-mee-gwon (pronounced "Chequamegon") mountain bike race this weekend - 40 miles on mostly xc ski trails, goal of 2:30. Then I'm putting all of my bikes but my fixed-gear away for the winter and running and running. At first just to get down to marathon weight, and then to get up to marathon fitness before Mad City in May.

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towwas said...

Why, just this morning I read a reference to Right Said Fred in a local publication. It must be Right Said Fred Reference Day, and nobody told me.