Melanie and The Very Big Days

It was quite the week for the .Bro household, what with Melanie's first trip to Chicago, a ride on her new "school bus", and her first day of school. I present to you - a photo pictorial. I'm turning into such a dad. How do I not do that, or do I just go with it?

She would like me to not tell you in detail about her first day at school. There was some crying afterward. She's dropping Physics and joining the club that build sets and costumes for school plays. She's way more excited about it than I expected her to be about something that she associates with geeks.


Spice said...

Did you make her try to jump a curb on her bike and then she fell off? If so, bad parent!

Hang in there, Mel!

J.Bro said...

I didn't try to make her ride over a curb - I tried to teach her how to ride over one. And that only makes me a bad teacher!

OleNelson said...

Go Mel! Physics sucks. Plays are fun.

Mainly, though, I'm just excited to eventually find out what the Bro Family Christmas Book Club selection will be. And whether Mel will reap the benefits of the Summer Club when "Cujo" is assigned for her English class.

towwas said...

Physics totally made me cry, man. If only I had dropped it in favor of costumes and sets.

grrrbear said...

Costumes and sets! Woo!

Tell her I'm totally jealous...they don't let you do either working in corporate America...f*ck yeah.

Burrito Eater said...

Another broken GT product perhaps?

Congrats Mel! I've heard Memorial is a pretty good place to go...for a school at least.

I love food shots!