When life closes a door, it opens one of those little doggie-doors

It's tough for me to write this - my hands are still kind of shaky - but I broke my giant coffee mug, the one that's sat at my desk with me for over a year, yesterday afternoon. The Black Hole of Coffee, which gave me so many hours of delicious caffeination, is no more. It didn't even die a noble death - I smacked it on the door frame walking into the break room, lost control of it, and watched it hurtle to the floor with a look in its eyes said, "My time here was short, but I lived a hundred lifetimes of creamy, sugary goodness."

Then, in my mourning this morning, a new relationship sprouted. In the cabinet, a new mug - a mug I'd not seen, due to my devotion to The Black Hole. She's red and white, more svelte than TBH, with an Adecco logo on either side. Adecco co-sponsored the Lotto-Adecco road team, which has raced in numeous Tours de France (and used to ride one of BikeCo's products). Other than co-sponsor cycling teams, I don't know what Adecco does. Starting today, though, their mission statement involves steamy black gold.

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