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I don't really have anything, so here - discuss this. Would you rather have a funny name or come from terrible place?


grrrbear said...

A terrible name can always be replaced. A friend of mine immigrated from India to an all-white town when he was three and in order to better "fit in" he assumed the first name of a popular TV character as his nickname. He basically went by that name until a few months ago when he decided to go back to his original name.

But coming from a bad place probably leaves emotional scars that affect the person you turn out to be. So I'd choose the funny name any day.

Spice said...

Funny name, I guess. Although I hate my name and am looking forward to changing it someday when I get married (hopefully). Not that I couldn't just change it anyway, but that would just be weird. When I was a kid, I used to fantasize about being an 'Anderson' or an 'Olson' or something - as only a kid in Minnesota could do.

Now watch, I'll fall in love with some guy with a name even less easy to say and spell than my own.