San Franciscans: go read the paper (2 days ago)

The San Francisco Gate SF Gate, the online verion of a poorly-written daily called the Chronicle (thanks to J.Po, I seem like I know what I'm talking about now) on article on Wednesday about Levi's in-house historian, Lynn Downey. It reminds me a little of the daily phone calls I get about whether our company would like to buy an old bike. I guess it's in pretty good shape, all things considered. It could probably use a new set of tires and the fenders are little faded. Oh, there's that scratch on the left-side decal from when John Jr. ran it over with his Nova. I'll sell it to your company for seven thousand dollars. You have to pick it up from Ohio though.

Levi's archives were created in 1989 at the behest of Bob Haas, the company's chairman and great-great-grandnephew of Levi Strauss. Downey started with 200 pieces of clothing when she came on board. Today, the archives house more than 5,000 pieces of clothing, 400 linear feet of documents, 750 linear feet of marketing materials, 4,500 photographs, 500 posters and 300 artifacts.

About 10 percent of the collection is from the late 19th century, "and I'm grateful for every piece," Downey said. Like most archives, Levi's has a substantial backlog of items that have not yet been cataloged.


J.Po said...

It took me a few seconds to realize that the article came from SF Gate. No one here calls it "San Francisco Gate" ... just trying to make you feel a little more in the know. SF Gate is the online venue for the Cronicle, a poorly written daily.

Spice said...

Yeah, what J.Po said - it's like how The Isthmus' webpage is the obscure, even though the paper is not called "The Daily Page." I think the disjunct is a product of the era when everyone wanted to be a one-stop web portal.

And in case it ever comes up, no one ever calls it 'Frisco' or 'San Fran.' It's 'SF' or the very obnoxious 'The City' (which is how it's referred to in the poorly written daily Po refers to). And Haight-Ashbury is 'The Haight.' They like the 'The' there - Po and I used to reside in 'The Inner Sunset.'

Spice said...

And Sophist - she lived in The Inner Sunset as well. It was our hood - The Crepevine rulez!

J.Po said...

Thank you, sir, for your edits.

And Crepevine DEFINITELY RULZ!!! As does Park Chow.

Spice said...

Park Chow - holla! Tonight I'll pour a 40 for my hommies in GG Park.