Everyone likes these kinds of posts

1) In your lifetime, do you think you have written (by hand or typed) or spoken more words?

2) How do you rank M&Ms various incarnations?

My answers in the comments -


J.Bro said...

1) Because of school and the nature of my summer job, I'm almost positive that I've written far, far more words than I've spoken.

2) Peanut Butter > Peanut > Plain > Dark Chocolate > Almond > Crispy

Burrito Eater said...

I feel I have spoken more words. I type alot but I can talk also. I think it the last year or so though it might be typing but as a life time, spoken.

I think M&M's are the most overrated candy ever. I also refuse to eat red ones. That being said:
PB, peanut, crispy, almond and plain. I haven't tried the dark chocolate before but it would be top 3 for sure.

grrrbear said...

1) Spoken. Way more. I'm a talker and my handwriting embarrasses me, so I keep it hidden as much as possible.

2) PB, Peanut, Almond, Plain, Krispy, Dark Chocolate. And they totally will melt in my hand - don't believe the hype.

Spice said...

1. I don't know! Maybe written given my lifelong student-ness and journalism background? I like to talk, and I like to write.

2. PB is way above the rest, then dark, plain, krispy, almond, and peanut. I really don't like the peanut ones.

Mister Vertigo said...

1. Well, I'm pretty shy so I don't talk too much. Also, since I'm a computer geek I'm sure I have typed quite a bit more than I've spoken.

2. Plain > Peanut Butter > Peanut > Dark Chocolate. I don't know if I've had the krispy, but I'm sure they'd be up there pretty high if I had. I haven't had the dark chocolate ones either, but I'm not a big fan of dark, so I'm sure it would be at the bottom. There's an almond M&M?

towwas said...

I think probably spoken because there were so many years there when I didn't write much. But for the last several years? Definitely written. No contest.

I don't like peanut m&ms.

Spice said...

Hooray for TOWWAS not liking the peanut ones! People always think it's strange when I say that I don't like them.

little bro said...

Im pretty sure I have spoken more words than typed.

Peanut Butter> white chocolate> crispy> Peanut. I think the white chocolate ones should stay and not have a 'limited time'title.