Camp Jeep - Day 1

Some points of clarification about this "Camp Jeep" deal - no, we don't drive a Jeep anything. From what I've read on various bumpers, it's thing I wouldn't understand. We're here for scrapbooking - specifically, M.Bro is teaching 14 2-hour classes over the next three days to Camp Jeep participants.

After pooh-poohing the entire deal last night and this morning, I can see the attraction now that I'm here. It's an outdoor-activity-oriented festival, which just happens to be open only to Jeep owners (Jeep owners willing to pay a $400 registration fee). Realizing, I think, that not everyone here wants to climb a rock wall, ride a skateboard at the halfpipe, steer a BMX bike around the dirt track, drive their Wrangler through one of the twelve obstacle courses, or rappell, there's an entire tent village offering slightly less x-treme activities. M.Bro's angry that her tent was labeled "scrap-booking" with a hyphen.

Our pre-CJ and post-CJ activities weren't too awful either. This morning, after two months of stress and a vaguely-threating phone call to M.Bro and Mel's father last night to get a faxed waiver of consent, the guardianship hearing went as smooth as you can imagine this morning. Cigars all around!

After setting up the Scrap"-"booking tent this afternoon, we moseyed down Plymouth's quaint little main street. We had a late lunch at a tiny diner, and I have to be honest - I enjoyed our $12 meal there more than the anniversary dinner M.Bro and I had at L'etoile last week (significanly more than $12). I'm a bad eater or something, I guess. A few blocks down the street, I found a pair of black military-issue boots at a vintage clothing store. For $2. These should last through dozens of zombie killings.


Spice said...

Congratulations on your new baby girl! They grow so fast...

Mister Vertigo said...

Ha! Spice's comment made me giggle! Serously though, I'm glad to hear that the guardianship hearing is behind you.

So, this Jeep Camp was by invite olny to Jeep owners? I don't remember getting an ivitation! I'm outraged! OK, I still wouldn't have paid $400, but dammit I want an invite!

Also, tiny small town diners rock. When I go on vacation, I love to stop at those types of places instead of the expensive or chain restaraunts. Some of the best food ever comes from those places. On the other hand you can get a bad one sometimes, but from my experience they are usually great!