Camp Jeep: A camp...for Jeeps!

OK, Jesus, stop e-mailing me about it - I'll give you your darn Camp Jeep pictures!

Scrapbooking (or "Scrap-booking" as all the Camp Jeep signs insisted) was full all week - four days, five classes a day, thirty people per class. I don't know why - it isn't fun.

Any why would you pick not-fun over fun, such as the fun to be had in the Thrills & Spills Village? The activities were supposed to be for Jeep-owners only, but Mel and I scored a couple extra name badges and brought t-shirts to wear over our staff shirts - no one was the wiser.

But Camp Jeep fun wasn't confined to Thrills & Spills Village and Scrap-booking - not by a darn sight, y'hear? There were also X-TREEEEME sports demos, including Jamie Bestwick on BMX, Tony Hawk on a skateboard, some other guys in the halfpipe, some guy riding trials, and some dirt jumpers. X-TREEEEME like my anti-perspirant.

Well, shucks - Blogger's picture-hosting isn't working again. I'll post the rest when it's back up.

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Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest helmet I've ever seen. Did someone at jeep invent an x-treme time-machine and off-road back to 1988 to pick that up?