But will they make a pair out of my cats?

I saw a pair of W.C. Russell boots from the 1920's on ebay, which I want to win so much that I'm not even giving you a link to the listing. They were made in Berlin, WI, which is just about an hour north of Madison, so I decided to see if 'ol W.C. was still in business. Turns out he is, and still making gorgeous boots. They're not cheap, but they're completely custom and he'll even make them from the hide of an animal you hunted. I'm partial to the Uplander model, which is $245 (without one of the 14 sole options, which add $7-10), vamping, leather/thinsulate-lined upper, or any of the other customization options).
The Russell legend began in 1898 when Will Russell hand crafted his first pair of boots for the then booming Wisconsin logging business. Hunters quickly recognized the value of the Russell hand sewn product...thus a legend was born.

Young Bill Gustin joined the company in the 1920's as a traveling salesman. Armed with a degree from Ripon College and a keen interest in the outdoors. Gustin spread the word about the wonderfully comfortable, hand made moccasin boots from Russell. Following W.C. Russell's death in 1924, Gustin liked the product so much...he arranged financing and bought the company.

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