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Millionaire Socialite is now Hypetards. Carry on.

Update: For more fashion blogging you don't want to read, check out the Sartorialist's post about buying a pair of raw A.P.C. New Cure - no, you know what, just read the comments.

It's a boot-hunt

Man, is this auction adorable or what? I checked his feedback and the last things he bought were a set of old Smurfs comic books and a vintage metal airplane toy - awww!

I was going to throu these boots in the dumpster at work ,but then I seen a girl walking in old pant with holes and wonderd just maybe . The boots are still comfortable but they are letting in the sand on the job I take a shower evey night and don't have jungle rot or any foot fungues startin bid .99cents good luck

What I really want, though, is a worn-out pair that my dad wore on the farm. Mom, Dad, K.Bro - anything in a dusty corner of the basement?

Not a sale, save your money

But it is a post about Threadless. Specifically, about an article with information about their numbers and which takes an academic look at their business model.
When I talked to him this morning, Threadless Creative Director Jeffrey Kalmikoff told me the company is selling 60,000 T-Shirts a month, has a profit margin of 35 percent and is on track to gross $18 million in 2006. This, for a company with fewer than 20 employees. Crowdsourcing can be very good business indeed.

On one hand, it's just this aspect of Threadless' model that makes them such a pure example of crowdsourcing: They're not just generating their core product via crowd labor, but they're using the crowd to determine what product lines are sold, a la Rule 5 from my article. Admirable in democratic principle and elegant in execution, it also raises the specter of the tyranny of the crowd.

They just reprinted Communist Party - the tyranny or the wisdom of the crowd?

Wear and tear and tears

This is what a pair of Straight Svens looks like when the owner works construction for a year to pay for a three-month European hiking adventure, and then washes them for the first time in the Mediterranean. I'm afraid my writing-a-dissertation-in-my-library-carrel fading will be disappointing. "See that stain on the left knee? That's from when I forgot to include a control variable for contiguity, slammed my fist on the desk, and spilled my latte."

But will they make a pair out of my cats?

I saw a pair of W.C. Russell boots from the 1920's on ebay, which I want to win so much that I'm not even giving you a link to the listing. They were made in Berlin, WI, which is just about an hour north of Madison, so I decided to see if 'ol W.C. was still in business. Turns out he is, and still making gorgeous boots. They're not cheap, but they're completely custom and he'll even make them from the hide of an animal you hunted. I'm partial to the Uplander model, which is $245 (without one of the 14 sole options, which add $7-10), vamping, leather/thinsulate-lined upper, or any of the other customization options).
The Russell legend began in 1898 when Will Russell hand crafted his first pair of boots for the then booming Wisconsin logging business. Hunters quickly recognized the value of the Russell hand sewn product...thus a legend was born.

Young Bill Gustin joined the company in the 1920's as a traveling salesman. Armed with a degree from Ripon College and a keen interest in the outdoors. Gustin spread the word about the wonderfully comfortable, hand made moccasin boots from Russell. Following W.C. Russell's death in 1924, Gustin liked the product so much...he arranged financing and bought the company.

What is a blog if not interactive

I don't really have anything, so here - discuss this. Would you rather have a funny name or come from terrible place?

The funniest comment ever made in a Video Station

Melanie: You've never seen Remember the Titans? You haven't seen any sports movies!

Me: I dunno - I guess I'd rather play sports than watch movies about them.

Melanie: Ugh - I hate sports video games.

Me: Baaaah-hahahahahahaah!

Shameless theft

I'm stealing all of this post from Gawker because, frankly, I'm not funny enough without assistance.
First we thought Marisha Pressl was only so-so. Until we saw her sultry performance in a black-and-white photo. Then we saw her again in the Village Voice and wondered why we were reading it.

That's a lot of links, so if you're pressed for time (maybe you're a firefighter, for example. Or a barista.), here's the best part - the niche v. real-life hotness scale

Lived through the storm, looking to the future

OK, who's got a friend in Japan that wants to pick me up a pair of Uniqlo jeans? They're getting US distribution this winter, but I want a pair from Japan before that. Then I'll be all, "Oh, you bought those in NYC. That's nice for you." when I see someone else with a pair.

Monseigneur Verigo says: "If you are serious, I may be able to help. How much money are we talking about?"

I answer: "Definitely serious. From what I can tell, Uniqlo is like the Gap of Japan, so stuff isn't that expensive. If I'm interpreting the pictures and numbers on the Japanese site correctly, the S-001 jeans in raw denim are 2990 Yen. That's $25.66 according to xe.com."

Last blog post, ever?

We're in a tornado watch and the sky is yellow - no, more of a mustard, I think. Does humanity stand a chance?

McCarren Park Pool

It's been so happy around here recently, what with all the unabandoned things. I can fix that. Part II. More from another source.

Opened in the teeth of the Depression as a Works Progress Administration Project in 1936, the McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn was the last of eleven pools built in New York City during the Depression years. Mayor LaGuardia, at its opening day dedication (seen above) noted that "no pool anywhere has been as much appreciated as this one."

"Quank, graaaaank"

That's the sound a penguin makes I think. The green vintage Penguin polo I bought at a thrift store for $4 is my new favorite shirt. Quank.

Online seance

"Thiiiiiss is the the voiiiice of TOOWWASSS - T-O-O-O-WWWWWAAAASSSSSSS! Please tell the blogging circle that blogger/google won't let me log in to post or make comments. I'm hoping it's repaired soon, but it's a good thing the most recent post on my blog is so damn cute, because it could be there for a while."

Camp Jeep: A camp...for Jeeps!

OK, Jesus, stop e-mailing me about it - I'll give you your darn Camp Jeep pictures!

Scrapbooking (or "Scrap-booking" as all the Camp Jeep signs insisted) was full all week - four days, five classes a day, thirty people per class. I don't know why - it isn't fun.

Any why would you pick not-fun over fun, such as the fun to be had in the Thrills & Spills Village? The activities were supposed to be for Jeep-owners only, but Mel and I scored a couple extra name badges and brought t-shirts to wear over our staff shirts - no one was the wiser.

But Camp Jeep fun wasn't confined to Thrills & Spills Village and Scrap-booking - not by a darn sight, y'hear? There were also X-TREEEEME sports demos, including Jamie Bestwick on BMX, Tony Hawk on a skateboard, some other guys in the halfpipe, some guy riding trials, and some dirt jumpers. X-TREEEEME like my anti-perspirant.

Well, shucks - Blogger's picture-hosting isn't working again. I'll post the rest when it's back up.

When life closes a door, it opens one of those little doggie-doors

It's tough for me to write this - my hands are still kind of shaky - but I broke my giant coffee mug, the one that's sat at my desk with me for over a year, yesterday afternoon. The Black Hole of Coffee, which gave me so many hours of delicious caffeination, is no more. It didn't even die a noble death - I smacked it on the door frame walking into the break room, lost control of it, and watched it hurtle to the floor with a look in its eyes said, "My time here was short, but I lived a hundred lifetimes of creamy, sugary goodness."

Then, in my mourning this morning, a new relationship sprouted. In the cabinet, a new mug - a mug I'd not seen, due to my devotion to The Black Hole. She's red and white, more svelte than TBH, with an Adecco logo on either side. Adecco co-sponsored the Lotto-Adecco road team, which has raced in numeous Tours de France (and used to ride one of BikeCo's products). Other than co-sponsor cycling teams, I don't know what Adecco does. Starting today, though, their mission statement involves steamy black gold.

The tires are fat, the fest is Chequamegon-ey

I've decided to be done being sick - two and half days is enough. With the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 less than a month away, I need to be putting in big bike miles, so being sick just doesn't work for my schedule.

I'm a Do - what are you

If you ain' lookin' at Vice's Dos and Don'ts, you ain' really lookin'.

AOL Searchlog Special

I normally hold humanity - you know, in general - in pretty high regard, what with science-y people doing science-y things to yeasts, the election of Viktor Yushchenko, Arrested Development, and things.

But this may be the saddest thing I've ever seen. SomethingAwful explains it, but you can't ever, ever, ever understand it.


Is math an invention or a discovery?

Workbook Question 42: If I post X pictures from Camp Jeep when I get home from work tonight and 80% of them are of me talking to Jill Kintner, winner of the Jeep King of the Mountain mtb race, by what factor Y does my coolness increase?

Workbook Question 106b: How does math make you feel? Pretty good?

Workbook Question 1111: I think I'm getting sick. All of my little muscles feel achey, I'm seeing bright spots on the edges of my vision, my mouth is dry no matter how much I drink, and I'm cold even though I'm inside and wearing a jacket. An olive Character Hero zip-up hooded sweatshirt, thanks for asking.

Jupiter One

Lots of new posts lately - maybe too many for you to keep up with. Countdown by Jupiter One made my Best-of-2005 music list even though the band didn't have a label or hadn't, y'know, printed any CDs. Now that they've self-released Magical Mountain and the Floating Hospital, though, I can put Countdown on my 2006 list too. $8 for the CD and if you order soon enough to be one of the first 100 people to buy it, they'll ship it for free.

Everyone likes these kinds of posts

1) In your lifetime, do you think you have written (by hand or typed) or spoken more words?

2) How do you rank M&Ms various incarnations?

My answers in the comments -

Camp Jeep - Day 1

Some points of clarification about this "Camp Jeep" deal - no, we don't drive a Jeep anything. From what I've read on various bumpers, it's thing I wouldn't understand. We're here for scrapbooking - specifically, M.Bro is teaching 14 2-hour classes over the next three days to Camp Jeep participants.

After pooh-poohing the entire deal last night and this morning, I can see the attraction now that I'm here. It's an outdoor-activity-oriented festival, which just happens to be open only to Jeep owners (Jeep owners willing to pay a $400 registration fee). Realizing, I think, that not everyone here wants to climb a rock wall, ride a skateboard at the halfpipe, steer a BMX bike around the dirt track, drive their Wrangler through one of the twelve obstacle courses, or rappell, there's an entire tent village offering slightly less x-treme activities. M.Bro's angry that her tent was labeled "scrap-booking" with a hyphen.

Our pre-CJ and post-CJ activities weren't too awful either. This morning, after two months of stress and a vaguely-threating phone call to M.Bro and Mel's father last night to get a faxed waiver of consent, the guardianship hearing went as smooth as you can imagine this morning. Cigars all around!

After setting up the Scrap"-"booking tent this afternoon, we moseyed down Plymouth's quaint little main street. We had a late lunch at a tiny diner, and I have to be honest - I enjoyed our $12 meal there more than the anniversary dinner M.Bro and I had at L'etoile last week (significanly more than $12). I'm a bad eater or something, I guess. A few blocks down the street, I found a pair of black military-issue boots at a vintage clothing store. For $2. These should last through dozens of zombie killings.

Quatro Things

1) Two years from today will be 08/08/08 - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

2) Infinity MPG is the first Threadless shirt I've wanted in a while. I don't like a lot of their stuff since the redesign.

3) Scroll down and read my race report.


Xterra II

Pictures coming down the pike (once Blogger's photo-hosting starts to not suck so much), but my race report from yesterday's mud-rockin' Xterra Midwest Championship "tri"athlon is up.

Update: Photographs, ahoy! Hard a starb'rd, me jackeys!


A more detailed race report is on the way, but here's the teaser (from www.xterraplanet.com's live race updates):
As athletes readied for today's race and began warming up their swim muscles, a fierce storm moved into the area. Thunder and lightning with heavy downpours seemed to come out of nowhere, soaking the race compound and everything in it. The event has been modified to a run-bike-run.

Temps have dropped into the mid 60s as competitors take on the first run leg.

San Franciscans: go read the paper (2 days ago)

The San Francisco Gate SF Gate, the online verion of a poorly-written daily called the Chronicle (thanks to J.Po, I seem like I know what I'm talking about now) on article on Wednesday about Levi's in-house historian, Lynn Downey. It reminds me a little of the daily phone calls I get about whether our company would like to buy an old bike. I guess it's in pretty good shape, all things considered. It could probably use a new set of tires and the fenders are little faded. Oh, there's that scratch on the left-side decal from when John Jr. ran it over with his Nova. I'll sell it to your company for seven thousand dollars. You have to pick it up from Ohio though.

Levi's archives were created in 1989 at the behest of Bob Haas, the company's chairman and great-great-grandnephew of Levi Strauss. Downey started with 200 pieces of clothing when she came on board. Today, the archives house more than 5,000 pieces of clothing, 400 linear feet of documents, 750 linear feet of marketing materials, 4,500 photographs, 500 posters and 300 artifacts.

About 10 percent of the collection is from the late 19th century, "and I'm grateful for every piece," Downey said. Like most archives, Levi's has a substantial backlog of items that have not yet been cataloged.

Vegetable disaster

The westbound side of the beltline, which is visible from the massive windows right next to my desk, was virtually empty from 7:30-8:30 this morning. Also, the only people at work were the west-siders and cyclists. Where was everyone, we wondered wonderingly? The answer, as it nearly always is, involves a truckload of vegetables. Specifically, a truck of onions. More specifically, a truck of onions that tipped and spilled 60,000 lbs of them across the highway.

Workin' 9 to 5

Let's all congratulate Melanie, America's newest Vanity employee, on getting her first real job!

And let's also cross our fingers that she uses this retail clothing experience as a springboad to a job at H&M and misused employee discounts for me!

Melt your stupid face off

"Madison, WI
A six mile lunch-hour run in Madison today turned quickly from jaunty workout to grisly tragedy as a young man's entire body melted into a puddle of skin and muscle. The 27 year-old west side resident, identified by dental records as little-read blogger 'J.Bro' was training for this Sunday's XTerra off-road triathlon when disaster struck. 'One minute he was running, kind of jerkily and haltingly, and then he just, uh, turned into goo,' reported a witness to the accident. Funeral arrangements are not yet finalized, but the .Bro family has requested that friends and family put liberal bumper stickers on their cars in lieu of flowers."

Raul's moment in the sun

So what's the over/under on Fidel being dead by the end of the day?