Here's what we'll be yelling at the TV about tomorrow morning (thanks to Velonews for the stats):

Current Overall Standings:
1. Oscar Pereiro
2. Carlos Sastre, at 00:12
3. Floyd Landis, at 0:30
4. Andréas Klöden, at 2:29
5. Cadel Evans, at 3:08

As they they performed in the Stage 7 time trial:
(actual times, then time back from Landis)
2. Landis, 1:02:44
8. Klöden, 1:03:26 (:42 back)
11. Evans, 1:03:32 (:48 back)
18. Sastre, 1:03:54 (1:10 back)
23. Pereiroe, 1:04:24 (1:40 back)


Spice said...

I generally feel like I have a healthy dose of skepticism about the "USA! USA!" patriotism in this country, but at times like this I always feel like the American is somehow destined to win. Not that I think Americans _should_ always win, but that somehow we usually end up winning in these circumstances because that's the deal with us - we're the scrappy (and rich and powerful) winners.

Spice said...

Whatd'ya know, the American won! USA! USA!

towwas said...

When I got home from Your Fair State today, my mom told me Landis won. I was like, who is that? And since when do you care about cycling?

grrrbear said...

Does anyone else find it a little weird that an Americans keep winning the Tour de France (a sport that probably only 3-5 people in the whole country could compete in) but we've been getting our asses handed to us every year by a Japanese guy in competitive eating (a sport that the vast majority of America is qualified for)?

Burrito Eater said...

That is the best comment ever... The only question, which one would I be better at? If it is hot dogs or something normal I'd lean towards eating. But I am guessing I can ride the Tour half as fast as Floyd but I probably couldn't eat 26 hotdogs which I believe is half as many as Tobayashi ate in 10 minutes...