Skin Quilt

The title makes this post sound creepier than it really is. Check out the tattoo in the upper-right corner - word buddies! The Skin Map is also a hoot - I'm one of seven words in Madison.


towwas said...

Ooh, you did that? If I remember correctly, only the people who did words get to read the story. So here's my question for you: is it the best freaking story ever? It better be.

J.Bro said...

I haven't actually got my copy of the story yet, but it sounds like the packaging at least is going to be spectacular. I'll have M.Bro take a picture of my word and post it later -

Mister Vertigo said...

Wow, there are 5 in Omaha and 4 in Lincoln. Someone in Omaha had a word that ended a quoted sentence. It's skins."

They got two punctuation marks!