Road Runner Sports

I'm a soldier in the customer service wars, so I like to acknowledge it when some exceptional customer service gets dropped on me. Today, that's Road Runner Sports, an internet-only running shoe company.

I wanted to try a pair of shoes with more motion-control and cushioning, even if it meant they were going to weigh a pound and a half more than my racing flats. I found a pair of $130 Brooks Trance NXS shoes on clearance for $49 - and an ill-gotten coupon code brought them down to $44. So here's what RRS gave me with my one pair of super-clearance shoes -

-A nicely-worded e-mail about my order: "As soon as your selections have been shipped and accepted by the carrier, we'll send you another email within 48 hours with tracking information. That way, you'll be able to click and track exactly where your custom package is as it makes its way to your door. Jason, you're going to love your new gear--you have our word! Warmest thanks for your order!"

-A very nice RRS-logoed running cap for free since it was my first order with them

-A coupon for 20% off my next order

-A strongly-worded note that I should run 10-20 miles in them before I throw away the box or invoice, just in case I want to exchange them (no questions asked, of course)

-A label for free return shipping, in case I decide to take them up on #3.

-They also told me (in private) that they hate Al Trautwig's Tour de France commentary almost as much as I do. Jesus Hitler Christmas, I'm going to wear earplugs if I have to listen to him instead of Phil and Paul for another stage.


towwas said...

Holy cow, you can return the shoes after you run 20+ miles in them? That's pretty awesome.

Sophist said...

Al Trautwig blows chunks. Even so I wish I had OLN right now so that I could watch le Tour....

Sophist said...

Oh, I love RRS too. I ordered some Sauconys from them once, and they sent me two free pairs of socks plus a free thing of peppermint foot lotion and free gatorade powder mix for a quart. Lotsa loot!

J.Po said...

Strongly worded? Do tell.