Floyd the doper?

I suppose there are a lot of potential, non-shitty explanations for a positive A-sample, but it looks pretty bad for Floyd Landis right now. I hope that it's a testing mistake or a false positive from cold medicine or something, but even if the B-sample is negative, there's always going to be some little bit of doubt in people's minds -

Fake update: Burrito Eater already beat me to this story.


Spice said...

As my advisor would say, "Ooooh noooo!"

Burrito Eater said...

Every blogger should have this as a story. I have some random stats with no documentation yet:
-If you test positive for testosterone, it is more likely to be a false positive than an actual positive, and
-Apparently every single athlete who has challenged a positive testosterone test has won.

Please, oh please, have a good reason!!!

Sophist said...


Is this test any good? I mean, if someone is having a very angry day, could their natural levels of testosterone get higher? PLEASE tell me it isn't true!