I was sort of warming up to Floyd Landis as a rider I could really get behind, but this seals the deal -
"After Floyd Landis regained the lead of the Tour de France at the top of L’Alpe d’Huez he decided that he wanted a beer to celebrate the moment. On the road down to his hotel, his team car pulled over and the American traded a yellow jersey for a six-pack of beer with a spectator.[ed. note: riders get a fresh yellow jersey every day]"

Are you coming to the American Toast breakfast at my house on Saturday to yell at the TV for three hours?


Sophist said...

oh my god. What a star. lucky freakin spectator!!!!!! That guy is an AMURICAN and I LOVE it!
I wish I could go to your house and watch TV and have American toast.

towwas said...

Sorry I missed it - I was busy learning the proper way to turn-n-hop in the numedalspringar.